Hughes & Associates are property and business advisors who have been assisting Canadian, American and European investors for over 25 years.
Past assignments include:

Partial Interest Evaluations:

easements, air rights, water lots, rights-of-way, leased-fee and leasehold
(e.g. Sky Dome Stadium; Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada)

Relocations and Decommissioning:

railroad corridors and appurtenant lands and infrastructure
(e.g. Penn Central Railroad, Ontario; CNR/CPR Regina, Saskatchewan)

Property Ownership and Investments:

communication tower sites, power transmission and pipeline corridors

development lands, industrial plants, aggregate and quarry operations

environmentally sensitive and contaminated properties

special use properties such as cemeteries, archaeological sites, and parklands

hotels, resorts, office buildings, shopping centres, and historic buildings

First Nations’ lands and property

Feasibility and Impact Studies:

institutional facilities, affordable housing projects, and redevelopment projects

retail, commercial and industrial developments, arterial routes and corridors


estate, tenancy, divorce, and expropriation/condemnation issues

valuation discrepancies, vendor/purchaser and partnership issues

contaminated land settlements, and compensation disputes

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