Property Investment

We analyse properties, businesses, and markets to identify investment opportunities. This service is used by executors and trustees, developers, and domesticand offshore investors who seek advice regarding advantages, disadvantages and risks.

Problem Solving
We address issues related to leasing, fee simple and partial interest ownership, and land use. Our team develops effective solutions and provides responsive implementation strategies. Equity investors, lenders, landlords, and tenants utilize this service to mitigate and resolve problems.
Impact and Compensation Analyses

Through the combined expertise of our professional team we assess the socioeconomic impact of incompatible land usage, and value-in-use losses. Clients who utilize this service include: federal, provincial/state, and municipal governments, institutions, corporations, and lawyers.

Forensic Research
  and Litigation Support

Hughes & Associates provides litigation support in the settlement of property and business investment disputes.

Dispute Resolution
Hughes & Associates reviews reports, prepares comparative evaluations, and resolves disputes through mediation or arbitration. This service is generally used by executors and trustees, corporate executives, and lawyers.

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